Another derivative? Or the Ghost from Mini-Hell? Hopefully another derivative. The Ghost of herself was unassumingly deadly.


But since the other one didn’t say anything and just stared, she mirrored the action, quietly staring right back at the other girl. But, she suddenly averted her gaze away. She didn’t like to stare intensely or to be intensely stared at.

"… you’re not the Ghost… right…?"

Madotsuki frowns a little when her doppelganger’s eyes are averted, but she does the same, out of respect. It feels strange to have her eyes open for that long anyways, and she has to rub them before she responds.

"No, I’m alive. Pretty sure. What about you?"




Tilts her head up at the braided pigtail girl who had just addressed her. Listening to the other’s statement, the small girl’s lips then tug upwards into a grin.

"Oh! I don’t think it’s weird! Do you really like it? I always wear these kinds of bows— Papa got it for me!"

The other’s grin earns one of her own, a rare sight on Madotsuki. This little girl is just too cute!

"Yeah, it’s really cute! Your papa’s got good taste. Can’t say that for a lot of parents, it’s pretty cool to see. What’s your name?"

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Alright, well, she’s more than a little uneasy now. If there’s anyone she doesn’t want to talk to, it’s herself.

There’s nothing to say. She just stares.

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"Hey. Heyyyy."

She’s trying to wave the other girl down.

"Hey, I really dig that bow! You look good. That’s not weird, is it? Sorry if it is."

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[[ like this for a short starter!! ]]

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Wherever she’s found herself, it seems she’s unimpressed with it. What’s the point of dreams if they look so much like something she’d see in real life?

Madotsuki scuffs her foot on the ground and scowls. She looks like a pouting child and she knows it, but she doesn’t care much, at the moment.

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i’m not making a whole photoset for this fandom but this was too good to pass up

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"… Dude."

She’s staring down what appears to be a faceless blob. At least, it’s probably faceless. She can’t really tell.

It made a strange… sort of beeping noise at her when she poked it. Oddly enough, Madotsuki seems a little offended.

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Possibly from being in a lucid dream for so long. The similar feel of being awake in a world that endlessly sleeps. Maybe the sleep is ‘Catching up to you’. 

[She laughs a little bit, though she’s not too sure why.]

Yeah… Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d say I should probably get back on track, but what for, y’know? Sleeping’s better than real life anyway, even if you’re still tired.



It isn’t uncommon. I am normally restless during the dreams, the sluggish feel comes after you’ve been in a certain place for a while. Or, perhaps it’s different for other Madotsukis. 

Mmm… I get that sometimes. It’s kind of a constant thing, though, I guess you could call it… Like I’m so tired, it sticks with me in my dreams.

Dunno. It’s weird, whatever it is.


"How someone can be so tired in a damn dream is beyond me…"

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sleepers, a madotsuki fanmix.

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