sky high.

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sleepers, a madotsuki fanmix.

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✦ Stay Up (Almost) ✧- sleepy jams to wander through dreamworld to

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01. [Anamanaguchi] Interlude (Gymnopidie No.1) 02. [LAKE] No Wonder I  03. [] Patchwork Eden 04. [Lemon Demon]Kaleidoskull 05. [Whoo] Fireworks 06. [Anamanaguchi] Planet 07. [A Shell in the Pit] The Fish and the Whale 08. [Homestuck] Phantasmagoric Waltz  09. [Yukata Minobe] Backbiting 10. [Miku-tan] Thoughtful Zombie

Behind every tree is a cutting machine
and a kite fallen from grace
Inside every man is a heart of sand
you can see it in his face.

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Restarted independent RP account for Madotsuki from Yume Nikki.

✯ OC/Crossover/Multimuse friendly.

✯ 8 years of RP experience, 3 on tumblr.

✯ Will adapt to partner’s writing style.

✯ Mun is under 18, but open to NSFW such as gore and violence.

✯ Most RPs take place while Madotsuki is asleep, but I’m willing to RP anything else!

✯ Mun is friendly and easy to approach!


we’re not at the ending yet, but everyone claims it’s going to be happy
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